CLIENT: Georgetown University's Health Policy Institute



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The Challenge: The Health Policy Institute at Georgetown University disseminates state-by-state comprehensive information on health insurance rights and responsibilities under law. This information is used by lobbyists, national and state legislators and bureaucrats, social workers, and health insurance consumers, a broad group. The information is geared towards consumers, but is necessarily complex. The Institute was seeking to raise the profile of the consumer guides, to solicit feedback from health care consumers, and to ensure privacy of all visitors, who are sharing sensitive personal information when they contact the Institute. Finally, the Institute needed a venue for breaking news on its publications and activities.

The Solution: This site is designed for speed and ease, so that users from web novices to experts, and on internet connections fast and slow, can access the important documents there. has been involved in every step of the development of this site, from choosing a name to re-engineering the document-generation process to setting up best practices and policies for data security. Additionally, manages the “News You Can Use” email newsletter design, mailing list and distribution for the Institute.

SERVICES: web design, maintenance, e-newsletter

INDUSTRIES: universities, health