Peace X Peace

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The Challenge: PEACE X PEACE, founded in 2002 in the wake of the Sept. 11 bombings, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to international peace, which the group defines as “substantive peace with cultural harmony, restorative justice, and equity.”

As a startup organization with an exciting mission, many high-profile advisors, and an aggressive schedule of activities, PEACE X PEACE hit the ground running with its technology ambitions.

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The Solution: For 18 months in its startup phase, we helped PEACE X PEACE in many aspects of using the web to further the organization's mission. designed and maintained the website, published in English, French and Spanish. We managed the email lists for its two newsletters, and worked with another outside contractor to develop a database and email platform to support the "Global Network," an international network of women's circles communicating with each other exclusively online. also installed the e-commerce features for sales and donations. Finally, managed a second database project to set up a proprietary content management system for the website. Not bad for 18 months' work!

SERVICES: web design, maintenance, e-newsletters, database development, e-commerce

INDUSTRIES: nonprofit, membership