Preventable Tragedies Database

CLIENT: Treatment Advocacy Center



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The Challenge: The Treatment Advocacy Center is an activist organization working for the availability of services to the mentally ill and their families. One of their tools is a unique repository of statistics and articles on "preventable tragedies," or cases where a mentally ill person has harmed or killed himself or others. This database of cases has been available online for over a year, and as time has gone on it became clear that the search capabilities needed to be improved.

The Solution: took on the project of upgrading the database, improving it so that searches are easier to perform and bring up more detail for users. We also overhauled the online search and results pages, to make them cleaner and more readable. The work took several months, but through TAC's and's planning and efforts, the database was never offline.

SERVICES: database development, design

INDUSTRIES: nonprofit,health